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CONTACT PHONE (870)-793-3382
PHYSICAL ADDRESS 2300 Highland, Batesville 72501
BUSINESS DESCRIPTION Carly Dahl is an artist from Monroe, Michigan who relocated to Batesville, Arkansas in 2010. Dahl is the Executive Director of the Batesville Area Arts Council, a non-profit 501(3)(c) organization dedicated to increasing awareness of the arts in the Batesville and surrounding areas through educational programs, art exhibitions, workshops, and community art projects. In addition to her service to the community, Dahl is a successful practicing artist whose work focuses on the ideas and ideals of beauty and representation of women in society. These artworks psychologically picture pressures and identities women deal with in their gender. Dahl works mostly in printmaking and painting with hand drawn details into the work. In the images, faces are left blank so that the women represented could potentially be any woman, and the viewer can project themselves or others into the artwork. She has had numerous exhibitions including a solo exhibition at the Butler Center in Arkansas Studies Institute in Little Rock, and at the THEA Foundation in North Little Rock, as well as in Memphis for Memphis Connections Marshall Art Center in Memphis Tennessee.
LOCATIONS FROM WHICH WORK MAY BE PURCHASED Batesville Area Arts Council's Gallery on Main, 226 E Main Street in Batesville, AR